There are a number of other products onto which we can have your chosen images printed, which as yet we haven’t listed.

A good example is ceramic presentation plates with a display stand, both the proof of which and the result is displayed, but please bear in mind that it can often be difficult to get a rectangular image to look good on a circular plate.

Another example is ring binder files, great if the file relates to the chosen footballer, but others include alarm clocks, bags, umbrellas and probably many more products that we’ve chosen not to list.

We have even made a sports water bottle for one customer, who was delighted with it. Customers may have special orders or their own product ideas and we would be delighted to hear from you, please let us know what you want. Please use the CONTACT form on the bottom left of every page if you’d like to discuss any product ideas you may have. We will try our hardest to fulfil your wishes!

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