Arnie Baldursson and Gudmundur Magnusson have created a master site on the history of Liverpool Football Club and I can’t admire their achievement enough. Details such as every opposition player to have played against Liverpool make this site invaluable for more than just Liverpool fans. “What began as a hobby in 2002 has evolved into something much more than that proving a valuable resource to Liverpool Football Club culminating in an agreement with the club in 2009 effectively making‘s stats the official stats of the club, a fact that Arnie and Gudmundur are incredibly proud of.” Isn’t that what any group of football historians setting out on a major project would dream of achieving?? Keep up the great work, Gentlemen!!

The Liverpool Encyclopedia

Prolific authors of everything and anything about the history of Liverpool Football Club, they have revolutionised the knowledge and information available on the history of the club. This is their latest hard copy offering (which I’m yet to see), as if anything could be added to their sensational recent offering, The Liverpool Encyclopedia.